K2 CAT Japan capacity renewal

PublishedJan 11, 2021

K2 CAT is pleased to announce that their three property treaty facilities for Japan have been renewed for 2021 with their existing carriers, Peak Re, Taiping Re and Cathay Century Insurance.

K2 CAT (formerly Pioneer CAT) has been underwriting Japanese business on behalf of Peak Re (their principal backer) since 2014. The team is extremely grateful for Peak Re’s significant support and ongoing partnership, and is looking forward to deploying capacity at the forthcoming 1st April renewals in a hardening market.

David Carson, Head Underwriter of K2 CAT commented, “As with our US facilities, the renewal of our Japan facilities is a huge vote of confidence in the team by our carriers and we intend to repay their faith and trust in us. It is a challenging market but we will ensure that we continue to add value and deliver on our planned, focused underwriting strategy developed over many years operating in the Japanese market.”