Life at K2 International: Flexibility, empowerment and care

PublishedSep 02, 2021

Danielle Griffin is Head of HR and part of the Leadership Team here at K2 International. Being with the business for several years, Danielle plays a big part in shaping our company culture and she recently wrote a blog to sum up what makes working at K2 International so unique.


We focus on healthy work/life balance

Our day to day working culture and our values go hand in hand, particularly Engagement, Integrity and Partnership. Our focus is on how well employees perform and acknowledging their achievements rather than where they work. We empower employees to decide where they are going to be most productive and engaged, whether that’s at the London office, their home or elsewhere.

Healthy work/life balance is important to us and we understand that employees have commitments and lifestyle choices outside of work. We offer flexibility with hours to ensure we are meeting our client’s needs, but also keeping a positive work life balance.

Our strong collaborative culture accelerates career development and allows employees to experience areas of the business outside of their own. We support learning and development opportunities that enhance performance, be it a training course or a qualification aligned to their role or development plan. Internal career coaching is available to support these decisions.


Our flat structure and communication allows collaboration to thrive

Open communication and transparency is something we are passionate about and is key to our culture. Having a flat structure makes collaboration and communication easier, with employees feeling comfortable working with others at varying experience levels across the business.

Our business leads have exceptional industry experience, each bringing their own unique perspective, so it’s important that employees have opportunities to learn and develop alongside them. We are deliberately transparent, with company briefings and email updates so that all employees are kept in the loop at a strategic level, allowing the opportunity to offer feedback and ideas.

Our office in the heart of the City has been designed with teamwork front of mind. We have blended collaborative working space along with more traditional fixed desks so people can choose how they work, which fits well with our hybrid working/agile approach.

We offer breakout areas where employees can work together, host client meetings or just network. When employees choose to come to the office, they have a multi-functional space that can cater for however they need to use it.


We invest in our people

We are always looking for ways to improve the employee experience. We aim to maintain an environment where people feel comfortable and confident bringing their authentic selves to work through enhancing initiatives such as D&I and wellbeing. Our Leadership Team have led the way in this respect by sharing some of their own experiences throughout the pandemic.

In addition to an excellent financial compensation and benefits package, we’ve strengthened our Wellbeing offering. WeCare, for example, is one of our platforms that connects employees to a range of professional support, including private GP appointments, personalised diet plans, exercise regimes, life-events counselling, burn out prevention, and much more. The plan also covers dependants as we recognise that employee wellbeing is often dependent on the health of those around them, so it’s important family and close ones are covered too.

We also offer an internal online Wellbeing Hub for employees to use at their convenience. It covers the three pillars of wellbeing – physical, mental and financial – which hosts a range of resources, including meditation, yoga, fitness classes, healthy recipes and much more. We try to do everything we can to make sure everyone feels happy, healthy, supported and motivated when they work with us.


Get in touch if K2 International feels like the right fit

We are always looking to speak to talented people who would like to join the K2 International family. You can get in touch with Danielle directly at Or if you want to learn more about the team, you can head over to our join us page.